Diversity in Newborn Baby and Family Photography

If I’m honest when it come to diversity in Newborn Baby and Family Photography, I found that my portfolio lacked diversity when I first started out in newborn photography. However, I knew that these things take time. I trusted in myself to be the best that I could be in my work and more. Thankfully I’m so proud to say that I now get to photograph babies of many many different backgrounds. Very indicative of the amazing city I live in.

I meet so many people from all over the world, couples who are from different cities, met in another and now live in London. I also meet so many people like me, Londoners born and raised. Then, there are those folks who are from other towns and cities in England who moved to London. Yes, my clients are from all over the world, and, right on my doorstep! I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me; that people from all backgrounds really appreciate and want to have something truly special. Something truly memorable in their home, their family and their children’s lives…possibly for generations to come.

Diversity in Newborn Baby and Family Photography

Indeed, for me, the diversity I see and experience in my every day life is one of the very many pleasures of living in, or around London. As someone of mixed parentage, born and raised in London, I ​am proud to be able to photograph all of these beautful babies, and meet so many parents who are from so many different backgrounds.

Londoners can be exposed to so much variety in culture, language, cuisine, religious faith, festivals, and so on, just in our everyday lives. I just wanted to take some time out to appreciate where we are right now and what this means to me.

London Love

London is undoubtedly one of the most cosmopolitan, multicultural cities in the world. It is among Toronto, NYC and LA and Amsterdam to name a few other cosmopolitan cities. However,  as much as I love to experience cultures and places a new, I also love my hometown. My own roots are in the East London and Islington. Although I no longer live in that part of London anymore, there is always a feeling of nostalgia and with it, a gentle smile that presents itself whenever I’m there.

Diversity in Newborn Baby and Family Photography

Honoured and grateful that this London, right here, right now is what I get see daily.  Even more thankful that my multi racial children see and experience this…




So glad that I get to show this in my work, because this is what I wanted all along.

Samantha x

Samantha is an award winning London Newborn and Portrait Photographer.

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