Choosing a Newborn Photographer for your Baby – 6 simple tips

Are you looking for some tips to help to choose the right newborn photographer?

1. Location

Would you prefer a home lifestyle session, a home traditional posed session, or a studio session? What feels best for you?

Find out about the various options and where the photographer conducts the bulk of their work.

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2. Safety, experience and quality

Okay, this should be a given, but you need to ensure this is covered. You can tell a lot about a photographer from their portfolio and even more when you speak to them.  Ask them about their experience. Taking a look at their blog can help if they have one too. Read their about me page.

Do you get a good feeling from them? Of course it’s totally subjective but this is about connection.

Listen to your heart here.

3. Style

Do you like simplicity in your home and way of life? Does minimal and more natural styling suit you? Or do you prefer sweet, cute, warm and fuzzy?  Choose a newborn photographer that suits your style. If you can visualise their work in your home, then listen to this feeling.  You’ll love the images for longer, I promise.

Your chosen style can also impact the age at which the photographer recommends to photograph your baby. For example, a traditional newborn session generally yields better results when the baby is under 12 days old. This is because older babies are more alert so you’re less likely to get the more posed sleepy newborn portraits. For babies over 2 weeks old, a natural unposed home lifestyle session can work well. This type of session captures the baby and intimate connections with Mum and Dad in a really natural way. It’s best to discuss the various options with your chosen photographer.

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4. Are quality artwork and prints important to you?

Can you visualise the photographer’s work in your home? Photographers will want to tell you about their products because they love them – so ask about them. Each photographer will have their own unique offering representing both their taste, and how well they think their products suit their work.

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5. Lighting

As a home newborn photographer, my speciality is home sessions using natural light. 100% of my newborn portrait sessions are photographed with natural light. I love natural light on a baby’s skin and I love the depth the shadows can bring too. Studio based photographer’s will either work with studio lighting or natural light.

Ask about this if it’s important to you.

6. What do you want most from the session?

Think deeply about what you most want from the session. Is this about memories? Is it for your children and the generations to come? How do you see yourself wanting to enjoy these images in daily life? Do the photographer’s values and approach align with yours?

Be true to yourself.

I’m Samantha. I’m a North London Family Photographer and International Lifestyle, Portrait and Commercial Photographer. Mindful Mama of 2, leaning into conscious living. Lover of plants and light.

I create meaningful portraits that resonate with your soul. I also help conscious brands better connect with their tribe through honest storytelling and impactful imagery. 

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