Why you can trust me with handling your baby

So I know this is probably a question which comes to mind for many new and expectant parents.  One that maybe you’ll think, but won’t necessarily say, at least to me out loud 😉

These are the conversations that I’ve had, and will continue to have with parents because I totally get it and to be really honest – I don’t mind at all.   It’s completely natural, I’d feel exactly the same.

Why you can trust me with handling your baby

Picture this, I’m in someone’s home, I have Mum, Dad, and the grandparents watching me. Sometimes they are watching with awe, and sometimes they watch with care and concern.  I totally get it and I have to be able to handle those situations. I have to be prepared that you will or may, have those concerns. Of course yes it’s helpful to have that mental and physical space to work and create, because I know that’s when I produce my best work.  This is the case for many creatives

But I totally get it

So yes, I welcome you to tell me your concerns, because at least I’ll know and, I’ll be able to respond.

And hopefully you’ll see that I’m okay. She’s okay.  We’re okay.

And I’ll focus on creating, because that’s my happy place.

What else you need to know

In my world I am very much a photographer on one hand and someone who knows how to handle babies gently and safely.

I’m a mum of two so I have hands on experience raising children (and babies) 🙂

I have photographed hundreds of newborns and many many babies and children, my experience and exposure means that I really do feel very comfortable handing newborns and babies and, working with children.

I can always tell if a baby is unsettled, hungry and sometimes if they have wind or need a poo!  Yes this is my world and it’s what I do.

I am DBS checked

I am a pro member of BANPAS, The Baby And Newborn Association.

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