Why I rarely use props in my home Newborn photography sessions

When I started out photographing newborns 10 years ago, I wanted to learn everything about it. I’d seen these little sleepy humans so carefully posed into beautiful positions, using fabrics, colours and props to create the look, and I wanted to do my own version of that.

So with much training and practice, I learned how to pose and work with these brand new babies, create a look and choose fabric and colour, use my camera and my editing skills to perfect the look I wanted to create. I chose to do poses that I found aesthetically pleasing and poses that looked and felt comfortable (to me) for the baby.

I learnt everything I need to learn to create all of that. And here are just a few of those super cute images all taken by me between 2012-2018.

Granted, these are very cute, as you can see I’ve used wooden props and kept the colours tonal.

Do I still use props in my Home Newborn photography sessions?

The short answer is yes, I do still have a few, but I rarely use them. My style has changed over the years. The lifestyle of newborn photography has become a huge part of what I do now, and it feels perfect. My lifestyle sessions involve minimal posing. They are warm, soulful and natural. I’ll find the light in your home and use it to create

That’s not to say that I don’t offer the more posed newborn sessions; I do. But I am doing less of them now, and I don’t tend to use any props at all during those. Occasionally I will; it really depends on what the parents are looking for.

Natural Home Newborn photography sessions and Natural Baby sessions with me can look a little like this.

And this lifestyle style transfers to all of my sessions; family, baby and portraits. I love the way they feel and look. I hope you do too.

I’m Samantha. I’m a North London Family Photographer and International Lifestyle, Portrait and Still Life Photographer. Mindful Mama of 2, leaning into conscious living. Lover of plants and light.

I create meaningful portraits that resonate with your soul. I also help conscious brands better connect with their tribe through honest storytelling and impactful imagery. 

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