Who here has lost count of the weeks?

Who here has lost count of the weeks? For me, this is my daily. I don’t know when things will improve and what will be the next step. I know they will. And I’m good with that. Sometimes I forget that it really doesn’t matter where we are. Quarantine or not, ‘here’ is just fine.

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But what about you? What’s going on for you?

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks clearing and sorting out digital photos of the family while homeschooling. I’ve literally gone through thousands of images, sorting saving and deleting. It feels good to have done it – finally.

Equally though, there is no real need to pressurise yourself to do all of those nagging jobs. There’s a lot of that going on at the moment but at the end of the day, if you take up a new hobby, end up sorting and decluttering or do nothing then, so be it. No doubt I’ll probably be on to the next job soon… after we finish the huge puzzle we have just started!

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This little guy has been in good spirits, he also gets to draw every day, which he loves so much. A few days ago, I asked this little guy how he’s feeling.

Exited. Sad. Happy.

His words, not mine. What are you feeling thankful for right now I ask him… I get the same answer, every-time: my family.

Also, I don’t know why but I’m seeing so many opportunities, not necessarily for myself but just all around me through this lockdown.

It’s a weird one. Can anyone relate?

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Stay home. Stay safe.

With love,


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