The best London Maternity Nurse I know

You cannot not like Jan.

Jan is a sleep training superhero in my books.

Jan’s demeanour is warm, friendly and supportive. Her experience is vast so I wouldn’t hesitate to trust Jan with my own babies.

When I met her around 8 years ago, I instantly warmed to her. I knew instantly that she was going to be the only maternity nurse I’d recommend. I can’t thank Jan enough. We’ve worked with the same clients a few times over, and they always sing her praises.

Jan has been working in Child-care for over 30 years.  She is a qualified Nursery Nurse (NNEB), has worked in nurseries, run pre-schools and worked as a nanny.  In the early 1980s she worked as a housemother, and kindergarten teacher in a school in Pakistan. Her work then took her into the Afghan Refugee Camps and villages in Pakistan – teaching Primarily Health Care to young mothers.

Following her return to the UK, Jan began to develop her skills and experience. She began working with new babies as a maternity nurse and a night nurse. 

It wasn’t long before she had developed a reputation for ‘being able to make any baby sleep’. 

Over the last 20 years, sleep has become her area of expertise. Jan gets a great deal of satisfaction when calmness and sleep are restored in a chaotic nocturnal household!

The best maternity nurse I know

The majority of Jan’s work is ‘word of mouth’. She is regularly contacted by people living in different parts of the world. Her client base currently extends to Australia, China, Canada, USA, India, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Dubai and many parts of Europe.

Jan works with around one hundred families each year and has an excellent and proven track record of working with singletons, twins and triplets.


Jan’s methods have been shown to work successfully with the minimum of distress to either parent or child. She does not use ‘Cry it Out’, or ‘Controlled Crying’ since she considers these methods too distressing for babies and parents.  Jan accepts that although they can work there are other ways to achieve the same results quickly without being so severe.


Jan deserves a virtual hi five for that alone ….

The best maternity nurse I know

The specific services she offers can be found under Jan Harrison’s Services on her Night Owls website. Please check it out if this sounds like something that would work for you.

It’s important to say that Jan isn’t just a London Maternity Nurse; she does a fair amount of overseas work too. You can check out more on this right here.

Beautiful Mother and Baby Portrait

She treats all children as people in their own right, with their own needs and personality. Jan finds that this is an important element that must be understood when constructing any successful sleep plan.

Jan also recognises the necessity to work within the framework of your requirements as parents. She wants a positive outcome that works for all of you.

Email Jan:
Phone or Text Jan: 07802 424214

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