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Many mums tend to breastfeed their children up to a few months old or a year in the UK. However the worldwide average is 3-4 years old and in some parts of the world mothers will nurse their children up until 5 years old, for bonding and for health reasons.

Even though the medical evidence shows that breastfeeding protects babies from infection and improves their mental and physical development, The UK has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world.

Understandably, one aspect that affects the UK’s low rates is that some mothers find breastfeeding doesn’t work for them and opt to bottle feed. Aside from this, another huge reason that prevents mothers from breastfeeding their children are social attitudes.

Social attitudes that deter women from breastfeeding for more than a few weeks in the UK need to change in the interests of babies’ health, experts say.

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Mother and Child photography london

This isn’t about criticising mums who choose not to breastfed at all. It’s about empowering new and expecting mums with joy, anticipation that it will be wonderful. It;’s about them feeling comfortable at home, with their partners, in public and so on.

What’s actually happening is mums are worrying and fearful that it won’t work and that they’ll fail. Changing attitudes towards woman breastfeeding so that women can feel more confident and comfortable to make choices they’re happy with is where it really needs to start.

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