London Newborn Photography

I’m not sure what resonates with you most when it comes to newborn and family portraits.

I guess, for me I definitely like as much authenticity in my life as possible, whether it’s in fabrics, food or friends. That’s what I like.  And so, that means I like the my newborn work to appear as natural and organic as possible.

London Newborn Photography

This means if I get a parent that likes that too, I’ll sometimes mix up my traditional newborn posing and styling with more organic posing and styling.  Or even exclusively photograph in that style.  It sits perfectly right for me and I love it of course.

London Newborn Photography

It’s all about what feels right for you, and your family.  What will ultimately mean the most and resonate with you?

This is the million dollar question, but, a good indication is to go with your gut.

London Newborn Photography

What are you drawn to most in imagery? 

Which images really speak to your soul? Think back in your lifetime, which photos have resonated with you the most in your life?

There are a few for me; an image of my mum changing my nappy on a scruffy pink bedspread. She was straight out of the 70’s and looked amazing for just having had a baby! This image is pretty special to me and it was just a moment in time recorded of a film camera. No posing at all. 

The other one I can remember is a picture of me with my mum and her sisters, again looking pretty amazing in her 70’s cords and shirt! I am standing on a wall and they are looking at the camera, except. I am clearly not interested, I look about 3 years old. Oh and the last is me eating a custard cream biscuit, I am 3 years old, dressed in a cotton summer dress, I have ribbons in my hair. I have opened it up and am deliberating which bit to eat next.  And the truth is, I still think about doing this all of the time, but most times I just eat it the ‘normal’ way.

London Family Photography

For me, family and baby photography is so much more than taking pictures and storytelling

London Newborn Photography

Even though this is huge part of what I do, it’s also about connections, emotional connections, innocence, beauty and real life. It’s a medium of communication and I get to mindfully interpret and communicate what I see when I am with you, in your home and in your moments.

Samantha x


London Newborn Photography

Samantha is a multi- award winning Portrait, Family, Maternity and Newborn Photographer based in North London. She covers London, Essex and Hertfordshire. Samantha can travel to your home or a place of your choice for your session.

I would love to discuss how I can help you achieve timeless images that you will love forever.

And ever.

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