Finding the light in your home – Natural Light Photographer

Let there be light!

I use a variety of lighting: natural light, off camera flash and studio lighting in my work. The majority of my newborn and baby portraits are taken using natural light purely because I love working with natural light when photographing babies and children, so, when I come to your home, I make it my business to find the best light I can.  

As photographers, we are in many ways are lovers of light, and sometimes, we don’t love it so much. Typically, many people think that if the sun is out, then its good lighting for taking images.  

I’m afraid, that’s a common misconception! 

Infact direct sunlight is a harsh light and is really quite unflattering. It is possible to shoot in direct sunlight with the right manipulation, but like with anything, it takes experience, practice and plenty of patience! Essentially, to obtain the best results, it is the ability to read and assess how to use it to your advantage. 

I have been commissioned by parents , grandparents and more to  photograph their children, babies and families in many many homes. Every single home is a different lighting situation than the previous and some are more challenging than others, so I have to be able to work the light I have and use it to my advantage.  I can safely say that by being constantly challenged to find that light, the kind of light that I love, it makes me better at what I do.

Look closely, I have chosen these images because the lighting was perfect.

I caught Mum and Dad enjoying a special moment, I have a good amount of natural light, and just enough to highlight the emotion in mums face even though Dad is causing a shadow, it’s still a lovely shot.

 Newborn Photography Highgate-1-7

Newborn Photography Highgate-1-6

Here I have used natural light to highlight the baby’s face just enough and to help create a slightly moody look and feel.

Newborn Photography Highgate

Beautful window light wraps nicely around Mum and Dad

Newborn Photography Highgate


Again, just enough to highlight the features on this little one’s face without going overboard

Newborn Photography Highgate
If you invite me into your home, I’ll find and embrace the light in the best way I know how. Am I a natural light photographer ? I’m simply a photographer.  I can use both natural and artificial light but natural light is very possibly what I love the most. 
 It’s just what I do. 
Here’s to finding the light in your home 🙂
SB x

Samantha is a specialist Baby and Newborn Photographer based in North London. She is also a Maternity, Family and Children’s Portrait Photographer and covers North London, East and West London, Essex and Hertfordshire

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