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This photograph was taken almost a year ago during my favourite season…

A photograph can tell a thousand words they say.

I don’t often get many photographs of my children together but I love every single one that I have of them.

Just because.

And yes, it is a little cheesy for my personal taste, but within this image there is a back story. So many memories and it makes me smile every time I see it on my walls.

He was asleep in the car, and after a 30 min nap I woke him, because the light was disappearing and his nap was a very late one, so he wasn’t in the best of moods (parents I hear your sighs, because we have all been there). It took a little while but we got there and in the end he gave me that look I know so well.

I see this face. Every. Single. Day.

And I’ll remember this face forever.

When he is towering over me, I’ll remember that face.

At every milestone, I’ll remember that face.

My daughter although becoming a little impatient, she managed to connect with her little brother so well at this moment in time, so effortlessly. She made this photograph. She is beautiful inside and out. And I thank her. I thank her for the love she has and gives.

I’ll remember how she made me feel right then in that moment.

I realised right then in that very moment that the bond they have is so very special.

Something they will have forever.

I will remember this forever and they will know how much this meant to me even when I am gone.

Because they will have this printed photograph in an album. In a box. On a wall.

Whatever. Wherever.

His face. Her smile. My everything.

Yes, this photograph can tell a thousand words. For me.

Autumn is coming

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Samantha is a specialist Baby and Newborn Photographer based in North London. She is also a Maternity, Family and Children’s Portrait Photographer and covers North London, East and West London, Essex and Hertfordshire

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