Calming the Mind – Mindfulness in Children

Mindfulness in Children

Many people live in a cycle of stress, some just experience it now and again. I can safely say that I have experienced significantly less stress and more calm since I began my mindfulness and mediation practice earlier this year. I am more mindful in my everyday life, and now in my work and even though it may not be ‘ideal’ it truly is a notable difference.

There are ways to remove stress completely from your life and for it to also impact your children’s lives too.

Sometimes we are guilty of wanting our children to calm down, relax, concentrate and pay attention.  Yes I know I am. Are they experiencing something too? And are you also reacting to them?

The first step for moving towards less stress for your children (and yourself) is to being practising your own mindfulness and meditation because when you are in that space, it’s easier to bring mindfulness into your children’s daily lives.

Just a little a day.

And this is simply about having more mindful moments.

It’s really simple, no pressure.  Just remind yourself to be present, to be aware and to notice.  Sometimes it can help to use a a helpful reminder like every time you look at your phone, or every time to sit down, or to wear a wristband and every time you look at it, it reminds you to bring your attention back to the present moment.

Meditation is also really beneficial for stress, again just a little a day to begin with.  You needn’t have any expectations but to sit, breathe and be present.  There are so many ways to learn how to meditate and lots of resources and apps out there, but it really is that simple.

One way to be more mindful with your children is to sit and play, or draw or make, bake or sew, whatever works for you, but be present with them.  Create, build, laugh but be there. No phone calls, no internet…no distractions, just be there with them.  It’s surprising how easy it is to find ways around this but, if you do this already then you will know the benefits. To be honest, to give your children all of you when you are with them is all they really want deep down. And whilst you play, just play, whilst you draw, just draw, be there, and only there and enjoy every moment.

Can you make more moments of the day mindful ones? Can you incorporate meditation into your daily life?  If you can then this is the first step towards releasing stresses and, allowing  more of the ‘good’ things into your life like increased awareness and clarity, a sense of calm, less anxiety, enhanced and deeper connections, and most important a healthier mind.  It really can improve mental health dramatically, and by focusing more on the now than the past or present you become less obsessed with success and self esteem so the connections you make with others really can be so much more than they were before.


Mindfulness in Children

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Child Photography Islington
Mindfulness in Children

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