5 Self care tips you need right now

1. Make time for you

Yes this is GOLD.

Somewhere between nursing, washing, looking after a baby, toddler and/or children too and feeling uber tired, please find time for you.

How? Ask your partner, helper, whoever to help you if you need extra support to make it happen.

Leave social media alone (yes, I said it) and focus on you. Even if it’s a quick shower, 20 mins with your favourite book, or listening to a podcast it all count and can be something truly wonderful. Maybe its 20 mins of yoga or meditation – whatever works for you.  But make the time to tune in and check in with you.

Once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll feel good about it, and you’ll want more. Hello to that ‘I want more’ feeling, and in this case, I am completely down with that.

Make it happen. No excuses. Fill your cup. Start somewhere.

Then do it again.

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2. Avoid comparison

Yes we are all guilty of this but I really need you to hear me on this.

Let’s see, there are the bump sizes, our body shapes, baby goods, and our babies even.  Then there is the new mum comparison, and what everyone else is doing, how they are doing it and where.  Oh it doesn’t stop there. Once you buy into this, you have a first class ticket on the train to your family vs my family land. Please try hard not to buy into this negative self-talk. Because that’s all it is and all it will ever be. You are not your thoughts, so by all means acknowledge them and then move them along.  Negative thoughts are not wanted here. Thank you and…goodbye.

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Infact celebrate your nuances.

I mean that’s what makes us all so very interesting. Take me for example. My son had a wonderful diet as a baby (all freshly cooked by me), one to be proud of right?  He is 6 now and, if he could, he would choose cup cakes for starter, pizza for a main and skittles for dessert. 

Whilst I’m not thrilled about it, I have made my peace with this by allowing him to have a little of the things he likes. I guess it doesn’t do him or me any good to look at the next child or family either.  I’ll never stop wanting the best for him but equally I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  It’s just not worth it.

What I do know is that I cook 95% of my meals from scratch and they are good, well-balanced, wholesome meals.  My son sees this most days, so even if he has a pizza or fish fingers occasionally, he understands our true values around food. We just need to remind him now and again to try new things. More importantly, we show him examples of a variety of food and educate him in terms of what various foods can provide nutritionally for both our mind and body

3. Say yes and Say no

Accept help, or ask for help when needed. 

People will often want to help you but won’t always know how.  Be clear about how they can, and show them how much you appreciate them. A simple thank you, hug or a kiss can go so far.

It’s ok to say no to things if you’re overwhelmed, it’s not worth stressing over.  Just say yes I’d love to, but can we rearrange. Try not to over commit yourself.  Be realistic and honest with your body and your mind.

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4. Eat food that nourishes your soul

Yes, I said it- your soul!

So a balanced diet here of course, but also allow yourself a treat if you fancy it.  Just keep things in balance and remember your fruit and veg as always. If there are any dishes that your friends or family make that you love, don’t be afraid to ask them to bake/make some for you too – especially if they willing and able to help! It can be a godsend for you all and it’s tasty too.

Here are a couple of books I use:

Ottolenghi Simple

15 minute Vegan

And these are on my wishlist:

Vegan on the go

Fresh India

Deliciously Ella Plant based cookbook

Need I say  – keep your water intake up too? I said it anyway 🙂

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5. Treat yourself

Yes I said it.

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What makes you smile?  That inner sweet smile.

For me it’s when I buy myself some flowers, a perfectly placed plant (I have lots of plants) or getting that nice comfy throw that I wanted.

It could be just a couple of sunflowers in a vase, but it’s something.

Do this for you; you really don’t need permission, so make it happen.

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I hope these 5 Self care tips you need right now and as a new mum are helpful to you, and if they are, or you know somone who would appreciate them, please share this post with them.

If you’d like to know more, please, don’t be a stranger. Contact me below or feel free to get to know me and my work. On Instagram, I share things on there that may interested you now and again and I’d love to see you there – if you want to be.

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