3 steps to choosing the right Wall Art for your home

What is your art personality?

Much like choosing artwork for your home, choosing portraits or wall art pieces can feel a little bewildering. It needn’t be. I recommend a really simple 3 step approach when it come to choosing portraits for your walls (you can use this for buying original art too):

1. Trust your instincts  –  your choice of portrait will help to define the personality of your space

At the risk of sounding cheesy, the truth is you have to choose what you love. If it’s beautiful to you, listen to that.  If it makes your heart move, then listen to that feeling right there.

Ask yourself – what is it about portraits and artwork that you love most? For me, I love emotion, shadow and light. Others like energy, movement and joy. I want to feel a soulful emotion jumping out of the print when I look at it, others want to feel energised, fun and joy. When you choose an image with soul or good energy, then you’ll always appreciate what it gives you. Trust your instincts. You can do this. That’s essentially how we choose art that works for us.

Ask me if you need help with choosing the final image, I won’t choose it for you, but I can help. Also, I’ll show you visuals that can help you decide on the final image.

2. Which walls do you have available?

Take a walk around your home and take pictures of the spaces you’d like to place something. If you’d like to move something that’s existing, take a photo of that wall too. How does the light fall on these walls too? Food for thought here. I can use your pictures to help plan a layout for you.

3.  Size and scale

Choosing art or portraits that are too small for a wall is a common mistake. But to be honest there is no right or wrong answer here.  Many say it should fill 60-70% of your wall, and yes I think going big works extremely well – but some negative space is also good too. Sometimes a well placed combination of prints, a gallery wall, works better than one large print. They can be varying sizes or uniform. Again, just ask and I’ll help plan a layout for you.

That’s really it, remember whatever you choose will grow in meaning and value with you and your family. You can always relocate and swap things around with time and change in decor. Don’t ever feel like you to have to colour match everything either. You can be bold, or tonal.  There is no exact science to this so don’t overthink this aspect too much.

I’m Samantha. I’m a London and International Lifestyle, Portrait and Commercial Photographer. I create authentic meaningful portraits that resonate with your soul. I also help conscious brands better connect with their tribe through honest storytelling and impactful imagery. 

Mindful Mama of 2, leaning into conscious living. Lover of plants and light. I also share mindful notes, stories of wonder and soul lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

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