Why you don’t have to worry about your kids misbehaving during your family photoshoot

Why I’m not worried about your kids misbehaving during your photoshoot.

Errrm… because basically, I really don’t mind.

As long as they stay clear of the camera gear, I’m cool with that.  Let them be kids, run wild, jump up and down and be kids.

Child jumping on the bed

This is what I really want from them. And sometimes this level of hyper can lead to images like this…

Family Photoshoot

Now, if, however, you’re looking for a more styled and/or moody looking family session, then I suggest you prep your kids beforehand.  We need them to know that we’ll be doing some shots, and Samantha will be coming to take beautiful shots of them. You’ll want to think of some great bribes, too, just in case.  But most of the time, it’s not necessary.  If you have kids that’ll take instruction fairly well, then this kind of session would work well – if that’s your taste.  

But if your child/children are anything like my son, well, as much as I’d like those shots, I would never get them without a bribe or two!

Warm and Soulful Child Photography
North London Family Photographer

I mean, they are kids, and that’s fair enough. So I’m just giving you a heads up. 

I don’t mind at all. Just tell me what look you love, and we’ll go from there.

Why I'm not worried about your kids misbehaving during your photoshoot
Soulful London Family Photographer

This is why I’m not worried about your kids misbehaving during your photoshoot. If your kid likes to break the rules, I can work with them, and if they don’t, I can still work with them!

I’m Samantha. I’m a North London Family Photographer and International Lifestyle, Portrait and Still Life Photographer. Mindful Mama of 2, leaning into conscious living. Lover of plants and light.

I create meaningful portraits that resonate with your soul. I also help conscious brands better connect with their tribe through honest storytelling and impactful imagery. 

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