Newborn Sessions

If you like the idea of having newborn portraits within the relaxed comfort of your home, you can choose either my traditional newborn session or natural lifestyle newborn session based on which style best suits your family.

Natural Authentic Newborn Lifestyle sessions with Samantha

If you lean towards earthy newborn photographs that capture honest and soulful moments, then this really is the session for you.  

These sessions have a more natural look and feel. They are filled with light, love and soul. I can capture you, your baby and elements of your home beautifully no matter how small or large your home. They encompass very natural everyday moments with your baby plus more. I also love focusing on parent interactions and emotion too.


These are perfect for babies 3 – 12 weeks old. I’ll work with your baby’s rhythm on the day. Whether they are awake or asleep, I’ll capture your baby naturally.

How long

These sessions start around 10am and can take about 2-3 hours.

When to book

You can book this session at any time, but the earlier, the better just to be sure I have availability for your baby.

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Traditional Home Newborn portrait sessions with Samantha

As a Mum of two, I understand this is a unique yet transitioning time for you. Often time can feel as though it passes quickly, so I want you to look back with wonder and gratitude that you took the time to do this for you, and your baby. So, I’ll work to explore emotional connections and find out what you love. I approach with the gentle intention of creating something that truly speaks to your soul.


Sleepy newborn portraits are best taken within the first 2 weeks of birth. This is when your baby is most sleepy and still very flexible from being in the womb, so those sweet newborn poses are easily achieved and perfectly comfortable during this time. If your baby is 14-21 days old and still quite small, it can always be possible to have a more traditional session using comforting swaddling techniques.

How long

Newborn sessions start around 10.30 am and can take 4-5 hours, allowing time for soothing, feeding and taking beautiful images of your baby.

When to book

You can contact me at any time during your pregnancy. My diary tends to fill up around 6-8 weeks in advance, so the earlier, the better to avoid disappointment. However, if your baby has already arrived, please, don’t worry! It’s always worth checking if a slot has become available.

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Authentic Baby Lifestyle sessions

These sessions take on a natural look and feel. They are filled with light, love and soul. I can capture you, your baby and elements of your home beautifully no matter how small or large. They encompass very natural everyday moments with your baby plus more. As with my natural newborn sessions, I love focusing on parent interactions and emotion too.


For babies 3 months to walkers. At around 3 months babies can become smiley, often sitting by 7 or 8 months, and sometimes standing around a year old. They are often animated and full of character, so this is essentially what I try to capture – authentically and as naturally as possible.

How long

These sessions start around 10 am and can take approximately 2-3 hours.

When to book

As with the above session, you can book this session at any time, but the earlier, the better to be sure I have availability for your baby.

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Authentic Family Lifestyle sessions

I can tell the story of your family’s profound love if you want me to, or I can document it as it happens. Authenticity lies at the heart of what I do; I sincerely want to make you and your family feel at ease while telling your story or creating your portraits.

I will weave my way into your family for a few hours to tell your story as it happens. Expressions, love and laughter, ups and downs, elation, even typical day to day stuff that you do and see every day; bedtimes, nap times, playtime, and going to and from places. I’ll go wherever you go. I’ll document it all, but you will be my guide, and I will be happy to do whatever resonates with you the most.

These sessions are raw, uncut, totally natural. I will use my camera, knowledge of light, love and family life to capture you all within your home, or at a location of choice – as you are.

All I ask is that you tune into being there in mind, spirit and soul, and I will capture moments as I see and feel them.

These are the stories that you will want to put into books and have them around your home. Or maybe you’ll display them in a way that means something to you.

These are the very images your children will look back at – it will trigger a memory and an emotion.
Remember, every family is different, so I look to photograph your family in a way that makes sense to both you and me.

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Family Photography London
Family Photography London
Family Photography London

Portrait sessions

These sessions are really to capture those beautiful portraits of your child or you, either in your home or at another location. Every single one is different, and we will work together to create something truly special.

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What if I’m anxious, nervous or apprehensive?

This resonates with me so much. I get it.

We are all human, and we come with so many dimensions and emotions. Please tell me whatever is going on for you at any moment, because I want to make you feel more at ease so that I can get those images you’ll love. I’ll take my time to help alleviate any concerns and apprehensions you have by getting to know you and your family.  I have seen joy, sadness, hope and fears. It’s what makes us human, and it gives me so much pleasure to be the one to record your story and moments in a way that represents you best.

What if my newborn doesn’t settle?

I know it’s easier said than done but please try not to worry about this. I’ve photographed hundreds of babies, so I’m experienced dealing with unsettled babies and still getting wonderful results. The truth is, it’s a rare occurrence. I find that trusting in my own experience and intuition helps me handle your baby the best way I know-how.

How do you make sure my baby is safe during the session?

As a mum of two and an experienced newborn photographer, your baby’s safety is hugely important to me. So much so that I will never undertake any posing that I feel cannot be achieved safely. I wouldn’t feel right undertaking a pose that I wouldn’t happily do with my own baby.

In my 9 years as a home newborn photographer, I have photographed hundreds of babies in homes across the UK. I’ve attended training sessions and, I have advised and supported other newborn photographers around safety and posing too. I always advocate safe posing techniques within the industry.

Although most tricky poses can be achieved using composite techniques, I will occasionally tell parents that I’m not entirely comfortable undertaking certain poses regardless of other work they might have seen. I can’t comment on what other newborn photographers do, but what I can say is that I’ll always do what’s best for your baby.

I have completed the Basic disclosure check (formerly a CRB check), I am fully insured, and I am a PRO member of The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association. BANPAS strive to encourage high standards of customer service, quality images and safe practice across the profession of newborn photography.

How do I book you?

Get in touch through my contact form and tell me how I can help. Please share any dates you have in mind with me so I can check my availability for you. You can also call me on 07958 213958.