Where are you based?
I’m North London based. Although I have worked as a studio based photographer in the past, I currently enjoy the freedom of being a location photographer. This means I can either come to your home, which can make for a more relaxed and personal session for you and your family or a location of your choice (or mine if you prefer) if we are doing something outdoor and earthy. I want to ensure that I get the best of you and your family, so essentially it’s all about what you think suits you and your family in terms of whether you choose a home or location based session.

Which areas do you cover?
Much of my work is London, Herts and Essex.  I am happy to travel further as long as my travel expenses and accommodation costs are covered.  Depending on the type of session, some areas are more challenging due to parking restrictions and logistics, it is helpful to give me as much information about where you live when you contact me.

How far in advance do I have to book you?
Regardless of the type of session I generally recommend getting in touch with me as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. For newborn sessions, it’s never too early to book your session – ideally just after your 20 weeks scan.  I take bookings a few months in advance for newborns so the earlier the better to avoid disappointment. However, if you are late getting in touch, don’t worry.  It’s always worth checking if I have some late availability.

Do you work on weekends?
I completely understand how tricky it can be to arrange family sessions for a weekday due to work and school schedules so I do offer occasional Saturday morning sessions.

What time will our session start and how long will it last?
Generally newborn sessions will start mid-morning and will last for a few hours.  Please visit my session information page for more information on newborn sessions all other sessions will be dependent on what sort of session we are going to have, where and of course and most importantly, your baby, child or children’s nap times. Family and baby and maternity sessions can take around 2 hours, possibly more. depending on how the session goes and what we decided to do.

Why buy my prints/wall art/albums from you?

I genuinely want you to have the best, and have your images represented as I intended for them to look in terms of quality and, artistically.

For the best in terms of image quality, colour and resolution in any of your prints, wall pieces or albums,  I strongly recommend you use my printers and my files for optimum results. My screen is calibrated accurately to ensure correct colour and tone reproduction, and it is also calibrated to align with each specific printing company I use too. I work closely with them to ensure the prints look how I intended for them to look – for you. There can be a slight loss of quality when images do not go through me for reproduction.

Do you undertake Commercial commissions?
The short answer is yes, I love working with brands on their personal and/or advertising projects too.

My work has been featured in publications both nationally and internationally. I have won awards in both classical fine art children and newborn portraiture, have been commissioned by businesses and brands to undertake projects for their campaigns and have been featured in various online and print media. Previous clients include Lyle and Scott and The Urban Flower Farmer.  Contact me here with any Editorial or Advertising enquiries.

What does the session fee include?
It includes my time on the day, our pre consultation and retouching of your images, it does not include any digital images or products. Please contact me for more information on my packages.

How many images will I get to see in my online gallery?
Ah, the golden question.  I generally estimate that you will view at least 40 images for a standard newborn session.

What experience do you have in terms of photographing newborns and how safe are your practices?
Your baby’s safety is paramount to me and for this reason I choose poses that I feel are best for your baby. I will assess when I meet your baby which poses I think are best for your baby. Some poses may not be suited to every baby for various reasons.  I will never pose your baby into a pose that I am not comfortable doing. I am a pro member of the BANPAS, an association that promotes safe working practices.

In my time as a newborn photographer I have photographed a range of babies and situations – challenges too, and have used a combination of techniques to learn and hone my craft. Being both safe and patient comes natural to me when photographing babies and children.

What if I am anxious, nervous or apprehensive?

I totally understand this, you are not alone, I can get nervous too when I’m being photographed. Tell me if you feel this way, I want to know, and, I genuinely want to help – help you feel a little more at ease and, help you get the results you’d like too. I sincerely want to make you and your family feel at ease whilst telling your story or creating your portrait.

This is one of the most important things I try to do.  It really isn’t just about taking photographs, it is as much about you and your family feeling comfortable in your own skin and in front of my lens. The rest really isn’t an issue.

I’ll take my time to help alleviate any concerns, apprehensiveness you have by getting to know you and your family a little.

I’ll also help to put you and your family at ease so that we can achieve exactly what you what. Whether it’s working around nap times, working with high energy excitable children, or a shy or embarrassed child or adult.  We are all human and we come with so many dimensions and emotions.  

I cannot tell you how fulfilling it is to know that my job as a photographer and story teller is so much more than taking photographs. I get to see inside peoples lives, I have seen joy, sadness, hope and fears.  It’s what makes us human and it give me so much pleasure to be the one to record your story and your moments for you in a way that represents you best. 

So I have my way of just making it work, for you. The truth is, I am no magician, but what I will do is get to know you, find out what you would like and work with you to tell your story and thus create a beautiful set of images that you will love.

I’m in love with creating beautiful fine art portraits and books that will exists in families for years and for some, generations.

Simply because they are a solid memory from that very special time and they will undoubtedly exist within families for a whole lifetime and more. It’s because of this love that I enjoy working with and for people that realise the true value beautiful images. I can honestly say that although I want to create images that you will love for years, I wish so much more to create portraits that last for generations and finished products that will be cherished by your children, and their children. When I photograph a child I am seeing that child’s portrait hanging on a wall, this is how I create portraits.

This is how I create art for every single client I meet.