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Home Newborn sessions with Samantha

I like my home newborn sessions to be relaxed and cosy for parents and myself. I don’t like to rush my sessions and will work around you and your baby. I understand that this is a special time for you and I know only too well how quickly time passes so I  gently work with your baby to get images that I hope you’ll love, forever.

I prefer to photograph newborns within the relaxed comfort of your own home and under 14 days old but can go up to 21 days maximum. The ideal time however is 6-12 days old. That’s when they’re most sleepy and still very flexible from being in the womb so those sweet newborn poses are easily achieved and perfectly comfortable for baby.  After this age babies can become less sleepy, and tend to lose their newborn look.  Sessions can take a number of hours, allowing for time for soothing, feeding and of course, taking beautiful images.



When is the best time to book your Newborn session with me?

As soon as you have a due date is fine but if you prefer to wait for your scans that’s perfectly fine too. My diary tends to fill up around 6 weeks in advance so the earlier the better to avoid any disappointment. However, if you are late getting in touch, please don’t worry.  It’s always worth checking if a slot has become available, even if you have just had your baby.

What I ask is that you get in touch well before your baby arrives so that I can add your due date to my diary, and I will reserve time in my diary for your baby’s arrival. Once your baby has arrived, we can then arrange the exact day and time of the session. For mums with a scheduled C section/induction, please do let me know your planned induction or c section dates as soon as you have them so we can agree a session date ahead of time.


Newborn Photography Safety

Baby safety hugely important to me. So much so that I will never undertake any posing that I feel cannot be achieved in a safe way for your baby. I genuinely want you to choose a photographer who is properly trained, experienced and uses only safe posing techniques at all times.

In my 7 years as a home newborn photographer I have photographed hundreds of babies, in homes across the UK, attended many training sessions and, I have helped other newborn photographers in various ways. This includes supporting them in their businesses and,  helping advise around safety and posing too. I always advocate safe posing techniques within the industry.

Although most tricky poses can be achieved using composite techniques, or just very safe posing techniques,  there are a few rare times when I do tell to parents that I’m not completely comfortable to undertake certain poses regardless of what they have seen.  I can’t comment on what other newborn photographers do, but what I can say is that I’ll always do what’s best for your baby.

I have completed Basic disclosure check (formerly a CRB check). I am fully insured and am a PRO member of The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association. The BANPAS strive to encourage high standards of customer service, quality images and safe practice across the profession of newborn photography.


Older Newborn sessions

If your baby is 21 days to 12 weeks old  we can still achieve beautiful images.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I can give you a good idea of what to expect.  These sessions take a more lifestyle look and feel which is filled with light and love and has a very natural look and feel. I can capture you, your baby and elements of your home beautifully no matter how small or large.



Babies and toddler sessions

I absolutely love photographing babies when they are around 3 months to just over a year old. They are smiley, often sitting and sometimes standing. They are often animated and full of character at the age.  My baby portfolio and this blog post will show you examples of what you can achieve.

Around the age of 2 is a great time for photos. Anytime from around 18 months to 2 and a half is perfect. At this age they are just a delight. They are often quite busy babies or toddlers at this point and are really coming into their own in terms of personality and character. I love to capture little ones at this age naturally. It really does make for stunning images that you will love forever.


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Children and Portrait sessions

These sessions are really to capture those beautiful portraits of your child or you, either in your home or at another location. Every single one is different, and we will work together to create something truly special.



Family sessions

I can tell the story of your family’s profound love if you want me to, or I can just document it as it happens.

Authenticity lies at the heart of what I do, I sincerely want to make you and your family feel at ease whilst telling your story or creating your portraits. 

I will weave my way into you family for a few hours to tell your story as it happens. Expressions, love and laughter, ups and downs, elations and just mundane day to day stuff that you do and see every single day; bedtimes, nap times, playtime, going to and from places. I’ll go wherever you go. I’ll document it all, but you will be my guide and I will be happy to do whatever resonates with you the most.

These sessions are Raw, uncut, totally natural and I will use my camera, knowledge of light, love and family life to capture you all within your home, or at a location of choice –  as you are. No need to dress up, dress however you like, just be there in mind, spirit and soul and I will capture you all.

These are the stories that you will want to put into books or  around your home as a reminder or what matters most.

These are the very images your children will look back at, it will trigger a memory and an emotion.

Remember every family is different, so I look to photograph your family in the way that makes sense to both me and you.


Family Photography London



This is an opportunity to get some beautiful artistic images of your bump. Ideally you will be around 32 weeks when we shoot, but we can shoot later.  It really depends on how your bump looks and how comfortable you are feeling within  yourself.


Natural Maternity Photography North London


Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. Relax, enjoy, have fun. I want you and your family to feel at ease. I will do my best to do what I do best. I want to capture you/ your children in their element and as naturally as possible and parents play a huge part in ensuring that I get to do just that.

I love getting to know my clients. Hopefully you’ll get to know me, just a little, and I will get to know you a little bit more. It’s that simple.

After the session I’ll go through my collections and prints. You’ll gain a good understanding of how everything works an.  Prints are a fundamental part of what I do and this is where you’ll get to see true craftsmanship and how to get the most out of your portraits. Therefore I’ll work with you from beginning to end to give you something profound and truly memorable for you, and your home.

I work with the very best fine art printers in the industry to ensure that your chosen pieces of wall art or your album is second to none.


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