When Shadow meets the light in Newborn Baby Photography

Light and Shadow are equally wonderful in my eyes so I just love to make them work for me in my work where I can. I guess that’s why I love natural light, because I can have so much fun with shadow, and light especially within the realm of Newborn Baby Photography. You’ll find that […]

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Natural Newborn Photography in London by Samantha Black

Why  a Natural Newborn session could be perfect for you – and your baby My natural newborn sessions are perfect if you love less posed baby photographs. This is because I focus on connections, emotions and ultimately, simplicity. There is something so authentic about these sessions which I hope helps the viewer to really feel […]

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How plants can help you to tune into the here and now

We have around 60 plants in our home and my garden is pretty much a secret garden filled with lots of interesting little plants. Last night I wondered how we had got here so quickly but to be honest I know why. You see I’m someone who could barely keep a plant alive a few […]

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Authentic London Baby Photography in your own home

Sometimes I forget to show how an Authentic Baby Photography session with me can really look – especially babies from 6 -24 months. I guess I work with so many lovely families and have many images but I just don’t get round to showing them all. And by all, I dont really mean ALL of […]

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Newborn Baby Photography London – what if my baby doesn’t sleep during the session?

London Newborn Photographer

You want those sleepy newborn portraits for your baby but you’re nervous. You’re wondering about whether your baby will be the baby that doesn’t sleep. Does that sound about right? I’ve been photographing Newborns for almost 8 years. My experience and research tells me that this is possibly the Number 1 concern of most parents. […]

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