Want to take better photographs of your own children? Here are 4 easy tips.

I can’t tell you how many people tell me they would love to know how take better photographs of your own children. So I decided to put a few tips down to help. This list is just a few ways that can help but there are more so if you’d like me to go deeper […]

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5 easy life-changing ways to bring Mindfulness into your Children’s lives

What can mindfulness do for your children? Enhance focus  Help them realise they are in charge of their own thoughts and feelings  Lower anxiety, stress and depression  Lower aggression  What can mindfulness do for you? Exactly the same as above We are seeing increasing rates of anxiety, depression and cognitive disorders. Levels in children and […]

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Children's Photographer London

Children’s Photographer London I count myself as lucky and thankful to have met Leila. I’ll tell you why. She is simply one of the most profound humans I have ever met. And she was only 10 years old when I met her for the first time. Soulful, humbling, kindness that is just infectious and truly […]

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Looking for Baby Photography in London? An Authentic Baby Lifestyle session with Samantha could be perfect for you

If you’re looking for Baby Photography in London, an Authentic Baby Lifestyle session could be perfect for you Natural Baby lifestyle sessions are perfect if you love less posed baby photographs. This is because in these sessions I focus on creating connections and emotions. I’ll also photograph your baby alone but in a very natural […]

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Intuition – 6 things you can do to develop it


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