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Hi, I’m Samantha

I’m a Portrait, Family and Commercial Photographer based in London.

I grew up in East London and now live the London suburban life with my husband and two children.  I left a career in Fashion when Photography found me. I’ve since found soul and meaning in Portrait, Lifestyle and Commercial Photography. And, I’m pretty thankful for that.

Authenticity lies at the heart and soul of what I do.

I’m inspired by people’s journeys and their stories of courage, vulnerability, fear and love and this is what inspires and drives my work.

I enjoy learning and growing from those that can help me live my life in a more meaningful way. I’m drawn to people who practice kindness, compassion and strength, people who are quietly inspirational and those who live and love with a whole heart.

We all come with so many dimensions and emotions. I like to explore this where I can in my work and, in my connections with people. This is why I am most at home when I can create honest, genuine stories and strong emotive portraits.

If this resonates with you, or your brand then please get in touch and tell me how I can help you tell your story. I help both brands and people tell their stories.

My approach to what I do is done with purpose and responsibility.

One of the things at the core of my purpose – my why, is protecting the world we live in – no matter how small the step.

I therefore choose to use suppliers that have similar values to me. Suppliers whose materials, resources and products are done with sustainability in mind.  I’m currently hoping to connect with companies whose products ‘give work’ to those who live in poverty or have little access to education, thus empowering communities with opportunities to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. If you have any contacts or suggestions around this, please share them with me, I’d love to know.

Commercial Photographer London

Contact: Get in touch with me through my contact page or by emailing me samantha@samantha-black.com

Clients : Lyle and Scott, Urban Flower Farmer, Urban Vintage Affair, Willow and Ayda

Join me on Instagram if you’d like to learn more about me, and see more of my work too.